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Friday December 08, 2023

It Is Time For Simple And Honest Prices
Searching for a merchant account can be a difficult experience. We are commited to changing this with easy to understand, simple and honest prices.

We have a program to allow you to accept credit cards at Wholesale InterchangePlus, at the guaranteed lowest cost with the highest level of customer satisfaction. Interchange is the Wholesale cost from Visa and Mastercard and is usually reserved for major corporations producing large savings.

Now your business will get access to the same wholesale rates for acceptance of Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover, ATM cards, Gift/Loyalty Cards and checks with your own, bank direct, bank approved, merchant account

No Application Fees - No Cancellation Fees

No Annual Fees - No Hidden Fees

No Mid Or Non Qualified Fees

No PCI-DSS Security Fees

No Contract Term Length

Bank Direct Account, No Middle Men

100% PCI Compliant Solutions

Simple And Honest Pricing

Guaranteed To Beat Any Cost By 10%

Retial Credit Card Transactions Over The Internet

QuickBooks Plugin

Process credit cards right within QuickBooks
Record the sale in QuickBooks as an invoice or sales receipt. When you click the Save button, the system prompts you if you would like to process the charge. Upon confirmation, the charge is processed securely over the Internet and payment is recorded in QuickBooks. A pending sales receipt will be "closed" or an invoice will be marked "Paid" along with a payment reference.

You have two choices: process manually-keyed in credit card transactions or swiped credit card transactions at lower swiped rates using our optional USB PC Compatible Card Readers:

  • MagTek® Mini USB MagStripe Swipe Card Reader
  • Citizen® CMP-10 MagStripe Swipe Reader and intergrated Printer
  • Hypercom® S9C MagStripe Swipe Reader and PIN-Debit Pad process both credit and PIN-Debit* card transactions

QuickBooks Intergration
The QuickBooks Plug-in module allows merchants to consolidate their Internet, Mobile, and POS credit card and check transactions together with the software most commonly used to run a business.

How It Works
Process Credit Card And Check Transactions FROM DIRECTLY WITHIN QuickBooks® Pro, QuickBooks® Premier And QuickBooks® Enterprise Solutions. Apply payment to open invoices. Integrate Internet, POS, Mobile and Recurring Transactions Processed Through eProcessingNetwork Directly Into QuickBooks®. Supports ohe MagTek USB MagStripe Reader for SWIPED RATES. Merchants can use one Merchant Account for all sales channels.

Enter credit card information
You can enter payment details on screen or tell the system to read credit card info from file (stored in QuickBooks under Payment Info on Customer menu). In face to face transactions, you can use a swipe card reader for lower rates on the transaction.
View and print receipt for the sale
A message is displayed showing approval or decline of the card transaction. Review and print the sales receipt or invoice from QuickBooks for your record.

Swipe reader for face to face transactions
If you accept credit card in person, use a swipe card reader. This external device connects to your computer (similar to your mouse on the USB port). When you swipe a card, the credit card details are transmitted to QuickBooks directly and information is displayed on the screen. You choose to use it for one-time only OR save the card details on file for future use.

Processing a batch
Convenient batch processing lets you accomplish more in less time. Pull up pending invoices or sales receipts in a given time period and click a button to process all of them in one batch. A message is displayed against each transaction indicating card approval or decline. Succesful charges are automatically marked "Paid" in QuickBooks and money moved to "Undeposited Funds". Use batch processing for your recurring charges as well. Setup billing frequency and payment details just once in QuickBooks. Recurring billing is automatically included in the corresponding batch.

Reconcile transactions
Download a transaction settlement file to your computer. Every transaction is matched against your records in QuickBooks. Exceptions are highlighted for manual review. Click a button to move verified transactions from "Undeposited Funds" to your "bank deposit account" in QuickBooks. Record adjustments for fees/merchant account expenses. You now have accurate and up to date info on your bank account.

  • Protection from fraudulent transactions with FREE Address Verification Service (AVS) and CVV2.
  • Complete online reporting capabilities.
  • Accessing sales data from any computer in the world.
  • Unlimited number of users simultaneously.
  • Automatically settling transactions daily.
  • No costly software upgrades and updates.
  • Processing periodic/Automatic billing.

Compare with other services:

Fees Quickbooks Merchant Services 1st American Card Service
Cancellation Fee Free Free
Application Fee Free Free
Discount rate for Visa and MasterCard Card-swiped: 1.76%
Key-entered: 2.44%
Card-swiped: 1.63%
Key-entered: 2.19%
Statement fee $17.95 $8.00
Monthly-minimum Fee $0-$20 (based on monthly processing volume) $0-$15 (based on monthly processing volume)
Credit Card Per-Authorization Fee $0.23 (AVS & CVV2 extra) $0.25 (Free AVS & CVV2)
Batch Fee $0.21 Free
One-Time Setup Fee $59.95 $59.95
Time to funding 2-3 business days 2-business days
QMS Rate data from website 2/16/2007

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We detail ALL the costs that you will pay, without using "as low as" and "teaser" rates and prices. All rates reflect the recent increases by Visa And MasterCard. Some websites have not adjusted their prices to reflect this change.

Guaranteed approval for a Merchant AccountNo Application Fees - Guranteed Lowest Prices
Our rate structure is designed to offer you the lowest overall cost - If you find a lower cost we will beat it by 10%.

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